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McLean Youth Basketball

COVID-19 Policy




Our COVID-19 policy has only one objective – to protect the health and safety of everyone involved in McLean Youth Basketball.  We will rely heavily on all our participants, players, coaches, refs, and fans, to help us enforce this policy throughout the season.  The policy is subject to change at any time should the situation warrant such change.  Thank you all for your understanding, flexibility, and your cooperation.



Regular Season Games and Practices


1.    We will return to our regular format for the league with practices involving two teams at a       time in each gym.

2.    In practice, players should maintain social distancing in the gym when not actively playing.   Scrimmaging is allowed as part of team practices.

3.    Players and coaches only at practices, no parents or spectators allowed.

4.    Spectators are allowed in the gym at games but should maintain social distancing.   Spectators in the gym are encouraged to limit themselves to one person per player.

5.    Games and practices may need to be canceled in case of a COVID-19 quarantine     requirement based on a positive test result.


Mask Requirements


1.    For the House age groups in Middle School and above (grade 7 and above), although masks will not be required when players are actively involved in playing a game, to the extent players are comfortable, mask wearing is encouraged in any close contact activity.


2.    For the Development League and for House grades prior to Middle School (4th, 5th and 6th), wearing masks will be required for all participants (players, coaches, referees), at all times in the gym whether actively playing or not.  This is due to the lower levels of vaccination among those between the ages of 5 and 12.  Once vaccination for those under 12 becomes available and is widely adopted, MYB will consider revisiting this policy.


3.    Masks will be required to be worn by all players during team huddles and time-outs


4.    Coaches and players on the bench must wear masks at all times in the gym.


5.    All spectators at games must wear masks at all times in the gym.


6.    Referees are required to wear masks when calling 4th-6th grade games and strongly encouraged to wear masks for grade 7+, as well as wearing masks at all other times in the gym and maintaining social distancing from players and coaches when possible.


Health Screening Prior to Gym Admittance


Prior to any player or Coach entering a gym for a practice or game, they will be asked health screening questions to confirm they are healthy and safe to admit.  The Health Screening questions can be reviewed here.


Vaccination Policy


1.    All participants involved in McLean Youth Basketball are strongly encouraged, but not   required, to get vaccinations.

2.    All players must report their vaccination status to their coaches.

3.    All coaches must report their vaccination status to the Age Group Coordinator.

4.    All referees must report their vaccination status to the referee coordinator.

5.    All Age Group Coordinators and MYB Board members must report their vaccination status to   the Chief Commission or the House League.

6.    Vaccination status will be used to determine quarantine requirements for any reported   positive test reported.



Reporting Positive Test for COVID


1.    Any person participating in MYB must immediately report any positive test results.

2.    Players need to immediately report positive tests to their coaches, coaches must immediately report any positive tests to their Age Group Coordinator, referees must immediately report any positive test to the Referee Coordinator and the AGCs must immediately report any positive tests to the Chief Commissioner of the House League.

3.    In the case of a reported COVID positive result, the team must pause all activities in accordance with MYBs quarantine protocols. This may mean canceled practices and forfeited games.

4.     The quarantine requirements for those testing positive or with close contact to someone that has tested positive are detailed in the Detailed MYB COVID GUIDE document that can be reviewed here.