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So, How Do I Get On The Weekly Ref Schedule?  What Is The Process?

(This is assuming that you have attended the necessary referee training sessions for the year 2022-2023)


  1.  You must have a working email address.  One that you can check on a daily basis.  If not your email address then a parent’s will work so long as they check it for you.  

  2. You must make sure that I have that email address if it is different than the email address that you registered with on mcleanbasketball.com.

  3. An email will be sent at 6PM every Sunday PM from me to all the refs asking for your availability for the upcoming weekend.  Please respond ASAP.  (If you respond by midnight on Sunday, there is a high probability that you will make it on the schedule for the next weekend.  If you do not respond until Monday or Tuesday, the chances are less likely.)

  4. I put the schedule together and send out the schedule normally by noon on Thursday.  

  5. At that point I will send an email out to all the refs with a link to the schedule.  

  6. You will need to confirm the NUMBER of games that you are on the schedule for via email or text ASAP.  If you do not confirm your games by Thursday at 9PM, there is a good chance that I will give those games to someone else. 

  7. Starting Thursday evening thru the weekend I will be sending out several emails asking for refs to fill games that other refs have cancelled for.  

  8. You can text or email me if you are interested in filling those games as well.


Looking forward to the season…

Tim Anderson

Ref Scheduler