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McLean Youth Basketball

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ



HOUSE LEAGUE - Grade 11/12 Boys

This FAQ Section is for HS Boys in Grades 11-12



For Grade 11/12 Boys House League: will there be a "Player Draft" for all teams? 

No, there is no Player Draft. The Grade 11-12 Boys League runs a little differently from all the other house leagues. Teams are self-formed by the players. Each player must still register online individually as a player, but they are allowed to sign up as a team rather than getting drafted at random. 

For Grade 11/12 Boys House League: how do I sign up a team?

First, talk with your friends or whoever you want to have on your team and make sure everyone agrees to play together.  Then at least one, and it suggested two, of the team players must register online as student coaches (and all players including the coaches must register as players if they are playing). 

There is a separate registration on the website to sign up to coach.  No cost to register as a coach.  Finally, the coaches should email the Grade 11/12 Boys House League Age Group Coordinator for the league at to indicate they want to coach in the league and that they have a team of players they want to play with.

For Grade 11/12 Boys House League: when are evaluations scheduled for this league?

There are no evaluations for the Grade 11-12 Boys League.  Since coaches select players to form a team based on friends and other players they already know there is no need for evaluations.

For Grade 11/12 Boys House League: when do we select teams?

Everyone that has registered online as a coach will be contacted in November (between Nov. 10-15) and asked to submit a list of players for their team.  Make sure you have talked with every player on your list AND CONFIRM that they are registered online as a player and want to play on your team. 

Each team should have between 8-9 players.  If you have fewer than 8-9 players that you have committed to your team then the team will be assigned players from the individuals that registered to play in the league but are not yet committed to play for any one team.  This assignment will be made the Age Group Coordinator.  All teams will end up with a minimum of 8 players.

For Grade 11/12 Boys House League: are there adult coaches in this league?

No. All teams are coached by player-coaches. Coaches must be registered online both as a player (if playing) and as a student-coach. 

For Grade 11/12 Boys House League: are there practices in this league?

There will be one or two practices at the beginning of the season.  After that it is an all-play league with games only.

For Grade 11/12 Boys House League: how many games does the league play?

Depending on the availability of gyms, the intent is for each team to play at least two games a week.  One during the week at night and one during the weekend.  Most of the games will be played at Longfellow during the week and Langley and McLean HS during the weekend.  The schedule will fluctuate from week-to-week based on available gym space.




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