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Basic Scrimmage Rules

Grades 1 & 2


  • Games are refereed by Coaches
  • Player playing time should be fairly equal
  • Games are started by one team getting the ball (i.e., no jump ball)
  • 8 ft basket
  • No stealing the dribble
  • No stealing a held ball (i.e., knock it out of their hands)
  • Stealing a pass is permitted
  • Stealing a lost controlled dribble is permitted
  • No backcourt defense
  • No timing rules (e.g., 3 seconds in the key, 5 seconds to throw in, etc.)
  • No intentional double teaming anywhere on the floor
  • Man-to-man defense only, no zone defenses
  • Blocking shots is permitted

Coaches can stop play, instruct, then give the ball back to the offending player. As the season progresses, especially in 2nd grade, coaches should be enforcing the rules more and more.

Players in both grades should understand out of bounds.

Coaches should discuss rules and enforcement level prior to the start of the scrimmage.