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Welcome to McLean Youth Basketball
 Winter Season

What is McLean Youth Basketball?

McLean Youth Basketball is a volunteer, community-based sports organization established to promote youth basketball within the greater McLean community.  We provide basketball programs, grades one through twelve, that focus on age appropriate skill development and organized play.  We emphasize full participation for all players, team play and good sportsmanship.

What level of play is provided?

McLean Youth Basketball recognizes that our children have different athletic skills.  It is our goal to provide meaningful basketball opportunities that accommodate the interests and abilities of all our participants.   We offer three major leagues, organized by age and skill level:

Developmental League   A league designed for boys and girls in Grades 1-3 with a focus on skill development over organized play.  Participants are assigned to teams by gender and grade level.  All players that register during the open enrollment period will be guaranteed a place on a team.  After that date, we will place as many players as possible on a first come, first serve basis. 

Led by volunteer coaches, developmental teams meet for one, ninety-minute session each weekend (Saturdays & Sundays) with the bulk of each session devoted to skill development.  A portion of the session may be used for half court scrimmages to introduce the players to game situations.  In Grade 3, more emphasis is placed on scrimmage play to prepare the players for House League competition.  Team sessions are generally held in Fairfax County elementary school gyms within the McLean/Langley/Falls Church area.    

House League    The majority of our players participate in the House League program.  It is designed for boys and girls (Grades 4 -12) of all skill levels who enjoy basketball as seasonal recreation.  House League teams, grouped by grade level and gender, have one weeknight (Monday - Friday) practice session and one weekend game (Saturdays & Sundays) throughout the basketball season.  Practices and games are held in public school gyms within the McLean/Langley/Falls Church area.  While there is only one weeknight practice in the House League, all House League players must have the schedule flexibility to attend practice on at least two weeknights.  Those who register and list practice availability on only one weeknight will be waitlisted and only placed on a team on a space available basis.

Any player that wishes to play in the House League must register during the open enrollment period and attend one of the evaluation sessions scheduled for his or her age group.  Evaluation schedules will be posted on this website and emailed to all registered players.  The results of the evaluations will be used by team coaches in selecting their players during the draft.  The purpose of the evaluations and draft is to ensure that each team is comprised of players with equal talent levels, to the greatest extent possible.  To that end, players will not be assigned to teams based on coach or teammate preference or carpooling arrangements.  Players who register late and/or do not attend a scheduled evaluation session will be placed on teams where there is availability, at the discretion of the Age Group Coordinator.

Select League   The Select League is a highly competitive basketball program for boys and girls (Grades 5 - 8).  Generally, players with advanced basketball skills opt to compete for placement on a Select team.  Currently, there are four age groups for both boys and girls - 10 and Under; 11 and Under; 12 and Under;  and 13 and Under, with two teams in each age group.  A player must attend all scheduled tryouts (usually multiple times and dates) to be considered for a Select team.  Tryouts are competitive; no one is guaranteed placement on a Select team.  Coaches will monitor performance at all tryout sessions and make roster selections.   Select teams practice two - three times a week, and play one - two games a week during the season.  Select League games are held throughout Northern Virginia.  There are age and residency requirements for Select League participation which are identified in the Select League registration form.

SELECT TEAMS SHALL BE BASED ON GRADE IN SCHOOL                                                                            

Boys and Girls 5th grade teams will be made up of players in the 5th grade or lower (i.e. 4th grade) in school as of September 1st of that year.

Boys and Girls 6th grade teams will be made up of players in the 6th grade or lower (i.e. 5th or 4th grade) in school as of September 1st of that year.

 Boys and Girls 7th grade teams will be made up of players in the 7th grade or lower (i.e. 6th, 5th or 4th grade) in school as of September 1st of that year.

Boys and Girls 8th grade teams will be made up of players in the 8th grade or lower (i.e. 7th, 6th, 5th or 4th grade) in school as of September 1st of that year.

For each of the Sele
 ct teams above, the following age restrictions will occur:

No player on any 5th grade team can be 12 years old on September 1st of that year.
No player on any 6th grade team can be 13 years old on September 1st of that year.
No player on any 7th grade team can be 14 years old on September 1st of that year.
No player on any 8th grade team can be 15 years old on September 1st of that year. 

Coaching     McLean Youth Basketball  relies on volunteer coaches and assistant coaches to serve all leagues and age groups.  All coaches and assistant coaches must register online.  Those selected to coach and assistant coach are subject to background checks consistent with youth league procedures.   Those volunteering to coach in the Developmental and House Leagues expected to have a reasonable knowledge of basketball skills training, McLean Youth Basketball House League rules and code of conduct (found under House League rules in the vertical row at the top of the homepage), and the rules and regulations of basketball found in the National High School Basketball Foundation.  Select coaches are expected to have an advanced knowledge of basketball skills and training, and must conduct themselves in full accordance with Fairfax County Youth Basketball League rules and regulations (found under Select League in the vertical row at the top of the homepage). 

All Select, House, and Developmental teams must have a single, designated head coach who will bear full responsibility for the conduct of the coaching staff and players.  All information, as well as board and administrative contact, will be directed to the designated head coach.

In the Select League, the Select League Commissioner is solely responsible for selecting head coaches and approving assistant coaches.  In the House and Developmental Leagues, Age Group Coordinators are solely responsible for selecting head coaches and approving assistant coaches.  

SPECIAL NOTE:  While House League coaches can, and are encouraged, to select an assistant coach, an assistant coach will not be approved if the Age Group Coordinator determines that placement of the head and assistant coaches' children on the same team will unfairly affect the balance of talent in that age group.  Head coaches who select an assistant prior to the draft are encouraged to consult with the coordinator regarding this matter well in advance of the player draft.    


The McLean Youth Basketball Referee Program trains referees to officiate House League basketball games played each weekend during the season, starting in December and ending in March.  Games are played on both Saturday and Sunday most weekends, and teams are made up of boys and girls starting at Grade 4 through high school.  The minimum age for boys and girls to referee is 13 years old.  Youth referees may also participate as players or coaches in McLean Youth Basketball.  The MYB Referee Program teaches participants the rules of the game, leadership skills, and provides all referees an opportunity to earn money or do community service.

Referees earn a minimum of $12/game which MAY increase yearly BASED ON PERFORMANCE. Referees are usually scheduled to work two (2) games back to back at a local McLean area school gym, and schedules are designed not to interfere with their playing or coaching schedule. SOME REFS MAY WORK MORE GAMES BASED ON NEED, AVAILABILITY, INTEREST AND SKILL. Referees are paid twice per season, around the 1st of February and the end of the season. Referees will be evaluated periodically throughout the season. THIS EVALUATION MAY AFFECT PAY AND SCHEDULING.

New referees are required to attend two (2) training sessions of 1-2 hours per session.
Experienced referees must attend one (1) 2 hour training session. Exact training dates will be announced on the website and by e-mail. Shirts and whistles are provided.

While all interested individuals are urged to register online, referees are selected and scheduled at the exclusive discretion of the referee coordinators of McLean Youth Basketball. 

When do the Leagues start?

Registration for Developmental, House, and Select Leagues begins after Labor Day.  We encourage you to register as soon as possible. 

Specific dates and times for tryouts/evaluations, practices, games, and training sessions cannot be determined until McLean Youth Basketball receives its gym allotments from Fairfax County later this Fall.  Nonetheless, once you register as a player, coach or referee, you will receive email notification of all schedule events.

Select tryouts usually begin around the first of October.  Registered players will be emailed a tryout schedule, and the schedules will be posted on this website.  Player selection will be completed in mid-October; practices will start immediately after that.  Select League games generally begin in late November and end in early March.  

House League evaluations will begin in mid-October.  Evaluation schedules will be sent to registered players and posted on the website.  Team drafts will be held early to mid-November with practices starting shortly thereafter.  The House League game schedule runs from December through early March. 

The Development League sessions run from December through February.  Players will be notified via email regarding their team assignment and session schedule.