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McLean Youth Basketball
Guidelines for Keeping Score
At any time if the scorer has a question he/she should direct their inquiries to the referees and not to the coaches, players or fans. Even if the scorer is a referee, the referees on the court have control over the game and any decision should be made by them. Any question from a coach should be directed to the referees on the court not answered by the scorekeeper. Fans and players should not be questioning the scorekeeper or the time keeper.
            It is important to print clearly for all items on the scorebook so that anyone can look at
            the scorebook at the end of the game and understand whatever was written
1.         Before the start of the game:
            a.         Fill in the date, time and place at the top of the scorebook.
            b.         Have the referees print their names in the box at the top of the scorebook
            c.         Fill in the color of the jerseys for the Home Team and Opponent
            d.         ask the head coach of each team to print his name in the appropriate spot and
                        then the first name, last name initial and correct number for each player on
                        his/her team
            e.         Print your name in the Scorer box at the bottom of the page
2.         Record Playing Time:              At the start of each quarter:
            a.         Have all the players report to the scoring table and put a “slash” through the
                        appropriate quarter on the line in the book for that player
            b.         If a player exits the game during the quarter, circle the slash next to his name for
                        that quarter and circle the quarter for the player substituting in
            c.         If the player exits the game for injury, do not circle the slash next to his name and
                        do not put a circle around the quarter for the player substituting in for the injured

3.         Record Scores:
            a.         First, record the score (basket, three pointer or free throw) for the team. At the
                        top of each team page is the running score for the team, make sure to record the
                        total points scored and the running total should match the team score on the clock
            b.         Record the score as a free throw (“1”), basket (“2”), or three-pointer (“3”) on the
                        correct players line in the appropriate quarter
            c.         Record missed free throw as a zero (“0”) on the players line in the appropriate
            d.         Do not worry about recording missed shots, missed three pointers or any other
                        stats (rebounds, assists, etc.) for the player or team.
            e.         At the end of the quarter, total up the team score for that quarter and box at the
                        bottom of the page for each team under the quarter, put a slash after the total
                        running score at the top of the page after the end of each quarter and record the
                        score for that quarter in the “Score by Quarters” box at the top of the page.
            f.          Indicate the final score in the appropriate box at the top of the page, total each
                        players total score and put the number in the box on the players line and make
                        sure all the players scores add up to the team total score.
4.         Record Fouls:
            a.         Put a slash through each fouls next to the player’s name when the foul is called
            b.         At the bottom of the page under team fouls record the players number over
                        the top of the team foul in the appropriate half
            c.         Alert the referees on the court for the seventh and tenth team fouls
            d.         A technical foul is recorded by circling the T1 or T2 next to the players name,
                        putting a slash through the personal foul for the player and putting the players
                        number in the running total of team fouls at the bottom of the page. Remember
                        a technical foul is a personal foul and a team foul.
            e.         Technical fouls on the coach are recorded by placing a letter “C” over the running
                        team fouls at the bottom of the page in the correct half of the game.
5.         Record Time Outs:
            a.         At the bottom of each team page is the place to record time outs. Place an “X” in
                        each box as a time out is called
            b.         Put the period number below the X as each time out is called.
            -           Periodically make sure the score in the book matches the score on the clock
            -           The score book is official so be careful and accurate
            -           Players will always want to know how much they scored so let them look at the
                        book after the game but be ready to start the next game