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OPTIONAL Season-end Tournament Rules

Grade 3


  • Team participation is optional after Week #1
  • Week #1 of the tournament each team will play 1 game. 
  • Week #2, teams play 1 game.  Winners only advance to Week #3.
  • Week #3, teams play until they lose or until they win the championship!


  • Games are refereed by league referees (i.e., not coaches)
  • 9 ft basket
  • Fouls are called, but no foul shots are take
    • A player fouls out after 5 fouls
  • No stealing the dribble or a held ball (i.e., can't knock it out of their hands)
  • Stealing a pass is permitted
  • Stealing a lost control dribble is permitted
  • No backcourt defense
  • No backcourt calls (i.e., over and back)
  • No timing rules (e.g., 3 seconds in the key, 5 seconds to throw in, etc.)
  • No double teaming anywhere on the floor
  • No zone defenses
  • No coaches on the playing court
  • Minimum of 4 players required
  • No 3-point line
  • Scoreboard & clock are used
  • Game starts with a jump ball
  • Switch baskets after halftime
  • Each team supplies an adult to either run the clock or to keep the book



  • Quarters – 8 minutes – continuously running clock (except for timeouts & referee timeouts)
  • Time between quarters – 1 minute
  • Halftime – 3 minutes
  • Start at 5 minutes past the hour (teams unable to field a team by this time must forfeit)



  • No substitutions during quarters 1 - 3, except for injury, or for a player who has lost control (see below).
  • Substitution permitted in the 4th quarter, at the 4 minute mark ONLY.
  • For teams with 9 players - everyone must sit out one quarter and play at least 1 full quarter
  • For teams with 8 players - everyone has to play 2 full quarters
  • For teams with 6 or 7 players - everyone has to sit out one quarter and play at least 2 full quarters. 
  • For teams with 5 players - everyone has to play three full quarters
  • For teams with 4 players – need I explain?!!
  • For teams with 3 or fewer – Sorry, but it’s a forfeit. Borrow a couple of players and have a scrimmage
  • Players arriving after halftime (by 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter) must play one full quarter
  • Players arriving later than this are at the discretion of the coach for playing time, no minimum required

NOTE: Coaches must exercise good judgment to pull a player who is getting out of control (physically aggressive to other players), even if it brings them shy of their minimum playing time.  Make every attempt to calm the player and get them back on the court.



  • Two coaches permitted to be with the team on the sideline
  • ONE person designated head coach and may speak to the referee



  • Each team gets 2 per game
  • Each timeout is 30 seconds – clock stops
  • May only be called by the head coach



  • 1 minute rest at conclusion of game
  • Shoot at same basket as the second half
  • 3 minute quarter (maximum of 1)
  • 1 timeout per team – clock stops
  • If still tied after OT, sudden death (start with jump ball), first basket wins